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运营 EHS 管理 Operation EHS Management

ž 监控和评估运营过程中的 EHS 风险,包括变更管理,控制工厂内所有变更的安全影响,特别是新项目带来的影响,评估和管理所有生产区安全风险,确保所有控制措施及时实施。

Monitor and evaluate EHS risks of operations, including change management, controlling the safety impact on changes, especially on new projects. Evaluate and manage risks, make sure all the control measures are conducted on time;

ž 获得并评估所有适用西安杨森工厂运行的环保法律法规和标准,指导和监督其实施。

Acquire and evaluate all XJP business relevant environmental regulations, laws and standards, guide and follow up the execution of them.

ž 制定和实施运营场所 EHS 培训策略,确保关键风险和法规要求针对合适的受众,包括新员工;

Develop and implement EHS training strategy for the site, ensuring key risk and regulatory requirements are addressed for appropriate audiences, including new hires;

ž 支持工厂的 ISO 认证,确保 EHS 管理系统与 ISO 和 / 或程序标准符合并得到维护;

Support site ISO certifications by ensuring site EHS management systems are aligned & maintained consistent with ISO and/or program standards;

ž 提供培训和现场检查,确保所有员工和工厂运行符合环境和安全要求;

Conduct the training and onsite inspection to ensure all employees and operations are meet with environmental and safety requirements;

ž 向工厂其它业务部门有效的沟通健康安全环境要求,并按照强生总部 EHS 的标准要求执行健康安全环境管理制度;

Communicates Health, Safety and Environmental requirements to the site cross functional departments in an effective way Implements Health, Safety and Environmental programs in agreement with J&J corporate EHS;

ž 与各委员会及团队合作,解决所暴露的 EHS 问题;

Coordinates various councils and teams to reduce exposure to environmental, health and safety issues;

ž 与其他职能部门合作,管理外部制造商、供应商和承包商管理制度中涉及 EHS 的方面;

Collaborate with other functions to manage EHS aspects of external manufacturers, suppliers and contractor programs;

ž 日常负责所有机械安全、工艺安全、消防安全、许可证管理、承包商管理、应急响应管理,废水,废气,废物的日常管理工作 , 确保符合法规和强生 EHS 标准要求;

Fully responsible for machine safety, process safety, fire safety, permit to work, contractor management emergency response management, wase water, Air and waste managament meet the regulation & J&J EHS requirements;

ž 组织安全文化促进项目,不断提供员工 EHS 意识;

Conduct the safety culture promotion project to improve all employees' EHS awareness.


ž 领导相关的 EHS 改进及创新项目,达成预订的项目目标;

Lead related EHS excellence & innovation projects to meet the FPOs;

ž 围绕公仆式领导者的指导原则,促进信条文化的达成,重优求异,创新,参与,合作,发展;

Drives a Credo-based culture aligned around our guiding principles of servant leadership, Think Differently, do Better, innovation, engagement, collaboration, and development;




1. 专业知识 Specific knowledge

ž 有一定 EHS 领域的理论知识及技术经验,包括但不限于空气、废水、危险和医疗废物、机器安全、电气安全、工艺安全、消防安全、人体工程学、工业卫生和化学品管理等。具有项目管理能力,个人必须具备国家和地方法规的技术 / 工作知识

Technical experience or theory knowledge in diverse EHS areas including but not limited to air, waste water, hazardous and medical waste, machine safety, electrical safety process safety, fire safety/ ergonomics, industrial hygiene and chemical management is highly desirable. Demonstrated project management skills are required and individual must have technical/working knowledge of state and local regulations

ž 对于 EHS 相关法规的了解

Understanding of Health, Safety and Environmental related regulations

ž 对于法规符合性的了解 ( 适用于制药产业 GMP 和其他法规和指南, J&J 内部要求 & 指导方针 )

Understanding of compliance requirements ( c GMP and other legislation / guidelines applicable to the pharmaceutical industry, internal J&J requirements & guidelines)

ž 熟悉固体、非固体产品制剂生产,包装过程,操作工艺,生产设备,生产系统以及质量控制的知识

Good knowledge of Solids & Non-Solids pharmaceutical production, packaging process, operation technology, production equipment and production systems, Knowledge of quality control.

ž 熟悉流程优化(六西格玛),精益生产和 JJPS 的概念和工具

Get familiar with the concepts and tools of process excellence (6sigma), lean and JJPS .

2. 个人(领导力)技能 Personal and interpersonal skills / Leadership skills

ž 创新及精益的思维能力 Thinking capability of innovative and lean

ž 应对复杂事物,管理变革的能力 Ability to manage complexity and change

ž 有能力在不同等级组织间相互沟通和影响 Ability to interact at different levels of the organization.

ž 有能力在压力下工作,处理利益冲突,做出决定 Ability to work under pressure, handle conflicting interests, and take decisions

ž 有能力在大方向下独立工作,对任务的优先级有清晰的认识,能按计划管理时间 Ability to work independently under general direction, having a good sense of prioritization of assigned tasks goals and manage time accordingly

ž 关注于客户和业务 Focus on costumer and business

ž 诚实正直 Integrity

ž 协作与团队合作 Collaboration and teaming

ž 集结优质技术资源合力解决问题的能力

ž Ability to gather high-quality technical resources and work together to solve problems

ž 具备进行内 / 外部良好沟通的能力 Good internal & external communication skills

3. 个人态度和心态 Personal attitude and mindset

ž 以创新和改变为驱动,保证竞争力 Drives for innovation and change to ensure competitiveness

ž 乐观进取的心态,能够在拔高的目标和时限要求下敏捷,灵活性工作 Can-do mentality, agility & flexibility able to work with stretched goals and deadlines

ž 愿意将团队的目标放在第一位并与团队其他人一起朝着目标努力 Willing to place the goals of the team first and work with others towards these goals

ž 能沟通,有动力,能谈判,有自信,对他人有影响力的人 Communicative / Motivator / Negotiator / assertive person having impact

ž 对相关专业活动有高度责任感 Showing a high sense of responsibility regarding professional activities

ž 能应对市场、认证、供应商等的变化 Ability to deal with changes from market, compliance, suppliers and others.

4. 良好的生产规范 Good Manufacturing Practices (G M P)

ž 坚持遵守 cGxP 的程序 Adhere to applicable cG x P's and procedures (role model)

ž 报告事故和偏差 Report incidents and deviations

ž 提出改善符合 GMP 的解决方案 Propose solution to improve compliance with cGMP's


5. 安全,健康和环境绩效 Safety, Health and Environment Performance

ž 坚持遵守 EHS 的程序 Adhere to applicable EHS and procedures (role model)

ž 鼓励员工汇报 Good Saves/SIF-P Encourage employees to report the Good saves/SIF-P

ž 配合和建议方案提高 EHS 程序 Cooperate on and suggest solutions to improve EHS

ž 当看到违反 EHS 规则的行为要及时制止,做出适当的行动 Act when violation of EHS rules is observed and stimulate appropriate behavior

6 .良好的 安全领导力习惯 Demonstrate the habits for safety success:

ž 关爱 : 关爱和激发内心强烈的安全价值 Caring and inspire a strong value of safety from the heart

ž 责任 : 具有对自己及他人的安全负责的个人责任 Personally, responsible for their safety and the safety of others

ž 主动 : 主动预测并积极参与安全风险的预防控制 Proactive: Anticipates and actively engages in controlling safety hazards

ž 坦诚 : 让人觉得对那些需要知道的人提供安全建议和分享抱怨是安全的 Feels safe to make suggestions and/or share complaints with those who need to know

ž 学习 : 从成功和失败中得到学习 Learning: Learn from both successes and failures

ž 包容 : 在自己周围或之外拥抱多元化观点并能积极分享安全知识 Seek diverse perspectives and share safety knowledge within and beyond our four walls

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